Episode - 9F12\\
First Aired - 2/4/1993

Angry over Homer neglecting to pick him up from soccer practice, Bart poses as a homeless child in dire need of a father figure for the Bigger Brothers Organization and begins spending time with a cool man named Tom. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to break her addiction to a 1-900 line where pretty boy celebrity, Corey, talks to girls.
!!This episode contains examples of:
* AmusingInjuries: Homer suffers a lot of these near the end of the episode during his fight with Tom.
* BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad:
-->'''Marge:''' He said you're a bad father.\\
'''Homer:''' Oh Marge, when kids say "bad" they mean "good". And "shaking your booty" means "wiggle one's butt". ''(about to stand up)'' Permit me to demonstrate.
* BlameGame: "I know you're mad at me, boy. I'm kinda mad too. I mean, we can sit here talking about who forgot to pick up who until the cows come home. Let's just say, that we're ''both'' wrong, and that'll be the end of it."
* BodyHorror: Bart's ImagineSpot of Homer's face [[ImMelting melting]] as the background turns into Hell.
-->'''Homer:''' ''Now how about a hug.''
* CallBack: Bart and Tom watch an episode of ''WesternAnimation/RenAndStimpy'', while later Homer and Pepe mirror this by watching an episode of ''The Itchy and Scratchy Show'' together.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Homer forgets to pick up Bart after practice, even when he hears the word "Bart" repeatedly around him.
* CreatorBacklash: According to the DVDCommentary, almost everyone on the staff hated this episode--to the point where James L. Brooks ordered then-upcoming showrunner David Mirkin not to "...make shit like this." Also a case of CriticalDissonance, as viewers do consider this a memorable episode.
** The jokes about ''Tuesday Night Live'' being lame and unfunny are this to the writers of ''The Simpsons'' who used to be on ''Saturday Night Live'' (George Meyer, John Swartzwelder, and Jon Vitti, all of whom worked on the show during its 11th season, which had such a disparate cast and bizarre writing that didn't appeal to anyone that the show nearly got canceled for it).
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: When Homer catches Bart coming home after his time with Tom, he is at first aggressive but then tries to get Bart to remember the fun times they had, like when he pushed Bart on the swing. Bart coldly replies, "I was faking it." Homer, aghast, shouts, "Liar!" Bart teases him: "Oh yeah, dad? Remember this? Higher, dad! Higher!" Homer is deeply hurt and runs out shouting, "STOP IT!" Obviously, this whole bit is a euphemism for faking orgasms during sex.
* EyeScream: In the ''Ren & Stimy'' cartoon, Ren's eyeballs suddenly explode after eating Stimpy's collection of furballs and stomach acid.
* IHaveNoSon: Inverted. Bart calls the Bigger Brother program and says he doesn't have a father, then poses as an orphaned street rat whose father abandoned him.
-->'''Bart:''' My name is Bart Simpson, ''and I don't have a father''.
* ImagineSpot: ''[[NightmareFace "Now how]] [[ImMelting 'bout a hug?"]]''
** Also Homer has one in which he finally goes to pick up Bart from soccer practice, only to find a spiky-headed skeleton.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: After driving Homer from the room by claiming he faked enjoying the fun times he had, Bart lowers his head sadly. He's also deeply apologetic after Homer's fight with Tom ends badly.
* MyNameIsNotDurwood: Homer calls Pepe "Pepsi" at one point.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: When Homer finally remembers to pick up Bart, he leaps out of the bathtub to get to the car without bothering to put on clothes first. Fortunately, he shows up fully dressed.
-->'''Lisa:''' Dad, hide your shame!\\
'''Ned:''' ''(off-screen)'' Hey, Homie, I can see your doodle!\\
'''Homer:''' ''(off-screen)'' Shut up, Flanders.
* NeverTrustATrailer: Original promos for this episode suggested this was a going to be a serious, dramatic episode, with Bart saying "Tom's a better father than you ever were!", followed by a shot of Homer crying. In the actual episode, Homer was crying after confessing that he fell for a record and tape club scam that promises the first couple albums for a penny before jacking up the prices.
* ShoutOut
** While Bart waits for Homer, the wind begins to pick up and [[TheFlyingNun a nun is sent flying]] as a result.
** Milhouse writes [[Film/TheShining "Trab Pu Kcip"]] on a mirror when Bart tries to psychically project a message to Homer.
** Homer compares a Dumpster-dwelling hobo to [[Series/SesameStreet Oscar the Grouch]].
** Bart and Tom watch ''RenAndStimpy'' on TV. They actually got the show's artists to do the layouts for the scene.
** The scene where Homer confronts Bart after returning from having fun with Tom is taken from ''Theatre/WhosAfraidOfVirginiaWoolf''.
** Homer and Tom's fight is taken from ''TheQuietMan'', complete with similar music.
* SpecialGuest: Creator/PhilHartman as Football Commentator, Nelson's Dad, Tom, and the ''Tuesday Night Live'' Announcer
* TakeThat: Bart watches Krusty guest-hosting an episode of ''[[SaturdayNightLive Tuesday Night Live]]'', which is so bad that Bart remembers the days when Joe Piscopo was on the show. At the time, most critics were claiming that ''SaturdayNightLive'' was going into another period of SeasonalRot due to bad host choices and thin sketches with one-note characters [[note]](though complaints about ''SNL'''s quality have been hovering around the show since the first time people thought ''SNL'' was going downhill -- which would be when Chevy Chase left the cast in 1976)[[/note]]. The writers on the DVD commentary claimed that this was more of a backhanded AffectionateParody, as most of ''TheSimpsons'' writers on the show at the time got their start on ''SNL'' and left because they pretty much [[MoneyDearBoy used their time on the show for extra money and a stepping stone for bigger and better projects]].
* TaxonomicTermConfusion: Homer does this twice. He teaches Pepe the wrong names for constellations and claims that Tom's correct explanation that dolphins are mammals is actually untrue.
* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: By the TurnOfTheMillennium, 1-900-numbers fell out of fashion, so this episode's B-plot may seem alien to those who were too young to remember when they were popular. Ditto the record and tape club scams where the first 10 albums are a penny before the prices are jacked up (which, in a world of people downloading music legally and illegally, has all but vanished).
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: TomCruise was supposed to play Tom.