Episode - 8F05\\
First Aired - 10/24/1991

In the second (and last) episode directed by Brad Bird, Krusty the Clown has dinner with The Simpsons as a "thank you" for Bart clearing Krusty's name (as seen in the season one episode "Krusty Gets Busted"), but the laughs turn to tears when Krusty's Hebrew blessing brings back memories of growing up with a rabbi father who disowned him after finding out his son wanted to be in showbiz.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* ActorAllusion: Rabbi Krustofsky (voiced by Jackie Mason) sees a "Jackie Mason" sandwich on the menu chart, but dismisses it.
* BerserkButton: Rabbi Krustofski hates it when someone keeps calling him and doesn't say anything and just hangs up. It was his son, Krusty.
* BillyElliotPlot: Krusty's father doesn't want his son to be an actor and as a result the two are estranged from each other.
* CulturalTranslation: In one scene Lisa names several Jewish entertainers and concludes with Creator/MelBrooks, whom Homer ironically never suspected to be Jewish. In the Portugese version Lisa names Creator/WoodyAllen, rather than Brooks.
* ContinuityNod: To "Krusty Gets Busted".
* UsefulNotes/{{Depression}}: Krusty falls into a depression because of his estranged father.
* DudeWhereIsMyRespect: Krusty keeps cancelling his dinner appointments with Bart, despite the boy helping him out several times in the past. Bart feels disillusioned about being rejected again and again and sends back his "Krusty Buddy" badge in disgust. This motivates Krusty's secretary to force Krusty into going anyway.
* IHaveNoSon: Provides the page quote.
* PieInTheFace: Rabbi gives Krusty one in the end.
* QuoteToQuoteCombat: Between Lisa and Krusty's father.
* RecognitionFailure: Homer finds the idea of a "Jewish entertainer" ludicrous. Lisa then names several entertainers who are Jewish: Creator/LaurenBacall, Dinah Shore, Creator/WilliamShatner and Creator/MelBrooks. Out of all these names its ironically the last one that surprises Homer: "Mel Brooks is Jewish!?!" (in the Portuguese dub, "Mel Brooks" was replaced with "Woody Allen").
* RepeatingSoTheAudienceCanHear: "What? Saul Bellow? The Nobel prize-winning Jewish novelist? He wants to have lunch with me?"/"The French government wants to give ''me'' the Legion of Honor?"
* TheReveal: This was the first episode in which Krusty is identified as being Jewish.
* ShoutOut:
** Photos of Krusty with Creator/TheBeatles and Creator/AlfredHitchcock can be seen.
** The Springfield-X porno movie marquee shows films like "For Your Thighs Only" (reference to Film/ForYourEyesOnly), "Crocodile Done Me" (Film/CrocodileDundee) and "Doctor Strangepants" (Film/DrStrangelove)
** Krusty plays the "Concert For Bangladesh" record while he's at The Simpsons' home.
** When Krusty arrives at the restaurant thinking he'll be given the Legion of Honor he says: "Fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong", which is a reference to a 1927 song of that title, written by Willie Raskin, Billy Rose and Fred Fisher.
** Krusty and his father sing "O Mein Papa".
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: This episode is one of the more dramatic ones, and is one of many of the early episodes where Bart and Lisa work together to do something that would be more suited for adults/is too dangerous for kids.
* SpecialGuest: Jackie Mason as Rabbi Krustofski
* TimeMarchesOn: Rabbi Krustofski goes to a restaurant thinking he'll meet Creator/SaulBellow and Krusty because of President François Mitterand. Both celebrities are now deceased.
* WholePlotReference: To ''TheJazzSinger''. Krustofski even says Krusty being a jazz singer wouldn't have been too bad.