After Mrs. Krabappel punishes Bart for breaking the class aquarium, Bart finds a personal ad and writes to his teacher under the guise of Woodrow, an imaginary lover that's everything Krabappel wants in a man. Meanwhile, Homer curbs his swearing after Flanders confronts him about his son, Todd, picking up Homer's profanity while building a dog house for Santa's Little Helper.
* ADayInTheLimelight: For Ms. Krabappel.
* BerserkButton: Due to the sudden yo-yo craze, Edna develops a hatred of them.
-->'''Edna:''' That's it! ''[slams book onto her desk]'' I am getting sick and tired of talking about yo-yo's. From now on, I will not accept any book reports, science projects, dioramas, or anything else on yo-yo's or yo-yo-related topics. Am I making myself clear?\\
'''Bart:''' Yo!
* {{Bizarrchitecture}}: Homer's "attempts" to build a doghouse.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Bart's detention is him doing things Groundskeeper Willy should be doing like the plumbing and waxing the floor.
* CurseCutShort: Several from Homer ("Da-", "You sunofa-", "You dirty bast-," and "Aw..."). According to the DVD commentary for this episode (the first one, not the secret one), Dan Castellaneta actually went on several foul-mouthed tirades in Homer's voice during recording and the tirades were cut short on the track.
* EntertaininglyWrong: The family sees Bart writing a love letter, and assume he has a crush.
* EpicFail: Homer building a dog house with no door to it. While it ''is'' physically possible to do something like that, the fact that Homer did (without noticing it before) shows the true depth of his ineptitude.
* FacePalm: Reverend Lovejoy has a glorious facepalm when his wife informs him that Ned Flanders is on the phone. Lovejoy would prefer to enjoy his dessert in peace and not to deal with Ned's latest "crisis."
* GoshDangItToHeck: An epic one from Homer, when he's mentally conditioned not to swear.
--> '''Homer:''' [[TranquilFury -hammers thumb- Oh fudge, that's broken.]] [[MajorInjuryUnderReaction -steps on nail- Fiddle-Dee-Dee, that will require a tetanus shot.]] [[ExactWords I'm not going to swear,]] [[RageBreakingPoint but I am gonna]] [[SuddenlyShouting KICK THIS DOG HOUSE DOWN!!!]] -proceeds to do so.-
* LoveLetter: Bart and Edna write several love letters to each other. Bart asks for tips from his whole family, and Marge shows Bart a love postcard she got once from Homer.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Bart is guilt-stricken when he sees how upset Mrs. Krabappel is.
* PrankDate: Bart's very cruel "no show" practical joke he pulls on his teacher. [[note]][[HilarityEnsues In the real world]], Bart's parents would force him to confess to both Mrs. Krabappel and Mr. Skinner (and Superintendent Chalmers as well) and made to deal with very severe consequences.[[/note]]
* SirSwearsALot: Homer displays quite the foul mouth in this episode.
* SwearJar: Marge makes Homer put money in it for foul language because one of the Flanders little boys picked it from him. Eventually, the family just buys a doghouse with the money from the swear jar.
* TheStinger: The episode ends with a trading card-style rundown of the hockey career of Gordie Howe, Woodrow's face.
* TwoWordsAddedEmphasis: Homer's suggestion for a break-up letter for Mrs. Krabappel is "Three simple words: I am gay."
-->'''Marge:''' For the last time, I'm not writing that!
* WhatTheHellHero: Marge calls Bart out for writing a fake love letter. Homer tries to do the same thing by telling Bart to tell the truth about the letters, but Marge tells Homer that they can't do that since Edna would be humiliated.