Homer tells his bar buddies the story of how his drunken antics at a baseball game with his boss landed him a job as a dancing mascot for the Isotopes.

* CallBack: The Capital City Goofball would later return in 22ShortFilmsAboutSpringfield in a short cameo.
* [[TheCameo Celebrity Cameo]]: That's actually Tony Bennett singing "Capital City".
* TheOtherDarrin: Normally, Ron Taylor voices Bleeding Gums Murphy (or did, up until Murphy died in season six's "Round Springfield"). However, for this episode, Daryl L. Coley is credited as the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy.
* SpecialGuest: Daryl L. Coley as "Bleeding Gums" Murphy; Ken Levine as Dan Horde; Tom Poston as the Capital City Goofball
* WholeEpisodeFlashback: Homer flashes back on failing to be a dancing mascot for the entire episode, only in the end realizing that he might not be a loser at all, because everyone enjoyed listening to the tale of this failure and want to hear it again.