Episode - 7F01\\
First Aired - 11/01/1990

Bart and Lisa are fishing one day, and The Boy catches a three-eyed fish. Connections are made between the mutation of the fish and contamination of the water by the power plant, and a government inspection team is sent. By the end of their inspection, it becomes apparent that Homer's lackluster performence is the ''least'' of the plant's flaws. Burns is unable (or unwilling) to pay what it would cost to bring the plant up to code, but after talking to Homer, decides to run for governor so he can change the standards himself.

There's still the matter of the fish, and the fact that Burns is hated by all, of course. But that's nothing his campaign team can't handle, and they work to change Burns' image. Burns appears on TV to claim that the three-eyed fish, named Blinky, is an evolutionary breakthrough, not a mutation, and tastier to boot. Burns' campaign seems to work, putting him at dead even with current governor Mary Bailey. To put him over the top, Burns has a televised dinner with a family of "The common man", and the one selected is the Simpsons.

Marge is unhappy with this, and Lisa is especially disturbed after reciting the pre-planned question for Burns. "We've become the tools for evil!" But Marge has a plan. The main course she serves for the dinner is...Blinky! Burns tries to eat the fish, but can't stop himself from spitting it out. By the time the half-chewed chunk hits the floor, he's blown the race.

!!!This episode provides examples of:
* ContinuityNod: Bart pastes the picture of him catching Blinky in a scrapbook next to one about how [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS1E8TheTelltaleHead some vandal took a statue's head.]]
** Blinky first appeared as a throwaway gag in "[[Recap.TheSimpsonsS1E3HomersOdyssey Homer's Odyssey]]".
* MisplacedRetribution: Burns threatens to ruin ''Homer's'' life after Marge destroys his campaign single handedly. Granted as with [[StatusQuoIsGod most obligations he has towards Homer]], it doesn't seem to go anywhere.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: The scene where Burns spits out the piece of fish meat is done entirely in slow motion, and the accompanying camera crew follows its every motion while it's in the air.
* ShoutOut: Many of the scenes (and parts of the plot) in this episode are taken from ''CitizenKane''.
* SpannerInTheWorks: Marge single-handily torpedos Burns' campaign with one serving.
* WhereTheHellIsSpringfield: The plot centers around a gubernatorial race for a state that is never mentioned. This episode could arguably be the TropeNamer since it's the first one where the lack of a state name is kind of an issue.
** {{Irony}}: Apparently the state motto is "Not just another state."