In this homage to the film ''Treasure of the Sierra Madre'', Bart (after only earning 50 cents from an old woman [voiced by Cloris Leachman] who hired him to do dangerous chores), Milhouse [who only wanted to buy some baseball cards], and Martin pool their money together so they can buy the first issue of ''Radioactive Man'', but their greed, jealousy, and paranoia turn them against each other and turn the treasured comic book into shredded paper.
* FirstAppearance: First episode featuring Comic Book Guy (back before he was an AudienceSurrogate for angry nerds, before his real name of Jeff Albertson was revealed, and before he married a Japanese manga artist).
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: According to DVD commentary, the third act originally had Bart rally a union of kids who were sick of doing chores for minimum pay, but the writers thought this detracted from the original story and banged out a subtle ''Treasure of the Sierra Madre'' parody.