Episode - 7F19\\
First Aired - 4/25/1991

After Ms. Hoover announces that she's on medical leave for Lyme disease[[note]]which she finds out she doesn't have[[/note]], Lisa finds a kindred spirit in her substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, but when he leaves and Ms. Hoover returns, Lisa is crushed and angry that Homer doesn't care. Meanwhile, Bart runs for class president.
!! This episode provides examples of:
* BumblingDad: Homer, of course.
-->'''Mr. Bergstrom:''' Lisa, your homework is always so neat. How can I put this? Does your father help you with it?\\
'''Lisa:''' No. Homework's not my father's specialty.\\
'''Mr. Bergstrom:''' Well there's no shame in it, I mean, my dad—\\
'''Lisa:''' Not mine.\\
'''Mr. Bergstrom:''' You didn't let me finish—\\
'''Lisa:''' Unless the next word was "burped", you didn't have to.
* CallingTheOldManOut: Lisa drops a ''major'' eye-opener on Homer when it seems like he doesn't care about Mr. Bergstrom leaving or why she's sad about it, one that shocks even Bart simply because no one expected her to say it:
-->'''Lisa''': I didn't think you'd understand...\\
'''Homer''': Hey! Just because I don't ''care'' doesn't mean I don't understand.\\
'''Lisa''': (Stands up angrily) I'm glad I'm not crying, because I would hate for you to think what I'm about to say is based on emotion, (points angrily at a startled Homer) but ''YOU'' sir...are a BABOON!\\
'''Homer''': (gasp) Me?\\
'''Homer''': (stricken) I don't think you realize what you're saying...\\
'''Lisa''': '''BABOON!!!''' (Runs off crying)
* CoolTeacher: Mr. Bergstrom.
* CrowdChant: "More Asbestos! More Asbestos! More Asbestos!"
* DecidedByOneVote: Two, actually. Bart and his would-be voters were so sure of Bart's impending victory they didn't bother to vote. Martin won 2 - 0.
* DeweyDefeatsTruman: Parodied after Martin wins.
* DynamicEntry: Mr. Bergstrom shows up in cowboy attire and fires off fake gunshots into the air, scaring the wits out of Vietnam veteran Skinner. These days, doing something like that wouldn't be tolerated, even if the guns were fake.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Mr. Bergstrom says this when he sees Homer wallowing in self-pity.
--> '''Mr. Bergstrom:''' Mr. Simpson, you have ''got'' to be a bigger man.
** Marge makes Homer well understand the context of why Lisa snapped at him and called him a baboon rather than let him complain about being called one.
---> '''Marge''': Homer, you're not allowed to have hurt feelings right now! There's a little girl upstairs that needs you! Her confidence in her father is shaken, and no little girl can be happy unless she has faith in her daddy!
* LandslideElection: Martin wins with two votes, the amount of people who bothered to vote anyway.
* PrecociousCrush: Lisa to Mr. Bergstrom.
* ReactionShot: Bart brings a video of his cat giving birth for Show and Tell. We only see the class' squicked-out reaction, and then Bart says "If I hit rewind, I can make them go back in!". Cue ScreamingAtSquick.
* SpecialGuest: Creator/DustinHoffman as Mr. Bergstrom (credited as Sam Etic).
* WritingAroundTrademarks: Subverted, as Mr. Bergstrom reads some of the actual text of ''Literature/CharlottesWeb''. The commentary notes that they used the absolute maximum they could get away with before having to pay for it.