Episode - 7F14\\
First Aired - 3/7/1991

Santa's Little Helper is forced to go to obedience school after ruining Marge's heirloom quilt, Homer's new Assassin sneakers, and Homer's giant macadamia nut cookie, and, if he doesn't pass, he'll be given away.
!!This episode contains examples of:
* BlahBlahBlah: How SLH interprets most human speech, until he clearly hears Bart saying "sit."
* LawOfDisproportionateResponse: Santa's Little Helper eats Marge's old quilt, which was a family tradition for centuries. She is understandably very upset and Homer tries to comfort her by telling her it's just a quilt. Then he discovers the dog also ate a cookie he wanted to eat, which sends him into a hysterically {{Narm}}y despair. This also turns to be the final straw for him to get rid of the dog.
* OocIsSeriousBusiness: Normally in situations like this, when Lisa fails to do so, Marge is often the VoiceOfReason when it comes to Homer's demands be it comically ridiculous or heart wrenching decisions. However when he decides Santa's Little Helper has to go, Marge is on his side, much to the kid's shock and Homer's delight. Justified as she was very upset about the quilt.
* SpecialGuest: Tracy Ullman as Emily Winthrop; Frank Welker as the dog noises/animal walla.
* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: The end showing what happened to all the dogs after they graduated obedience school.