Episode - 7F11\\
First Aired - 1/24/1991

The Simpsons have dinner out at a Japanese restaurant, which turns deadly when Homer eats some improperly-cut fugu and is told by Dr. Hibbert that he has only 22 hours left to live.

!! Tropes:
* AesopAmnesia: When Homer is ecstatic that he's alive, he vows to live life to its fullest. The next scene is Homer watching TV and eating pork rinds.
* AsHimself: Larry King (reading The Bible on tape)
* AutoErotica: Krabappel and the head chef of the sushi restaurant.
* BorrowedCatchPhrase:
-->'''Homer:''' Hey Burns! Eat... my... shorts!
* CaptivityHarmonica: {{Parodied|Trope}}. Homer asks his harmonica-playing cellmate what he's in for. The answer? "Atmosphere."
* CreatorCameo: Richie Sakai appears as himself at the karaoke bar.
* CrossingTheBurntBridge: While believing he had less than 24 hours to live, Homer jumped at the opportunity to tell Mr. Burns off. [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse We never get to see the consequences when it turns out that Homer isn't going to die]] (see WhatCouldHaveBeen on the Trivia page).
* DefyingTheCensors: The censors did not like Bart and Lisa singing the theme from ''{{Shaft}}'', so the producers had to show a clip from the Academy Awards when that song was nominated and performed on television.
* DisneyDeath: Homer appears to die at the end of the episode, but Marge discovers that he's only fallen asleep.
* FiveStagesOfGrief: Homer and Dr. Hibbert go through this in about 30 seconds. "Mr. Simpson, your progress astounds me!"
* GilliganCut and HypocriticalHumor: When Homer survived the fugu, he tells Marge he's going to take advantage of life and start really living. The episode ends with Homer watching a bowling competition on TV while eating pork rinds.
* SpecialGuest: Joey Miyashima as Toshiro; Sab Shimono as the sushi bar chef; Creator/GeorgeTakei as Akira ([[TheOtherDarrin later replaced with Hank Azaria]]); Diane Tanaka as the bar hostess
* SurprisinglyGoodForeignLanguage: All the Japanese in this episode is legitimate. It probably helps that all the people speaking it are Japanese.