After returning from a nuclear plant convention, Homer begins to act out of character and Lisa, along with a mentally disturbed FBI agent who looks and acts like Claire Danes' character from ''Homeland'', but is voiced by Kristen Wiig, investigate.
!!Tropes of this episode:
* GreenAesop: Lisa and the people who told Homer.
* MistakenForTerrorist: Homer... though he gets the job done.
* ShoutOut: Homer asks if the cat was near by asking if it’s like Garfield… right into asking if it hates Monday and likes lasagna.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Homer isn’t act like himself. He doesn’t choke Bart, enjoys vegetables, ask for water instead of beer, declines Marge’s offer to have sex, and is kneeling on a prayer mat. This scares Lisa, as she thinks Homer has become a Muslim terrorist, but really, he was hanging out with hippies.