[[Series/SaturdayNightLive Fred Armisen]] and Carrie Brownstein from ''Portlandia'' guest star as cool neighbors whom Homer wants to emulate, and Marge and Bart find to be pretentious hipsters whose ilk are overrunning the town.

!! Tropes:

* DonutMessWithACop: Chief Wiggum moved the local police force to find a new donut supplier and threatened to shoot him to force him to make a new batch.
* {{Hipster}}: The cool neighbours. They then had more people join in order to spite Homer and Marge.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Chief Wiggum once he realized he was threatening to shoot somebody for donuts. He said he knew there was something wrong with him because it was the second time in a day he played that trope. [[NoodleIncident The first time's details have never been discussed]].
* StatusQuoIsGod: When Springfield is declared "America's Coolest City" by the New York Times, the hipsters take it as a sign the town is "played out" and decide to leave.