Marge gets the car of her dreams after her stationwagon falls into a sinkhole but soon she becomes angry over the decision, as it clashes with her deep-seated desire to have another baby (despite that Homer was rendered sterile from years of working at the nuclear plant, as mentioned on "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" and "Eight Misbehavin'", though the episode does explain that Homer donated his sperm to a sperm bank years ago). Meanwhile, Bart and his friends spy on Lisa when Lisa begins taking private after-school lessons from one of Principal Skinner's rivals.

!! Tropes:

* DriveInTheater: The Simpsons go to one at the end of the episode.
* KitchenSinkIncluded: A news report about the sinkhole has the caption "Everything and the kitchen sinks".
* {{Pun}}: Everything and the kitchen ''sinks''.
* WingdingEyes: When a sample of Homer's sperm is seen through a microscope, Homer says he sees two "X" instead of eyes.
* WritingLines: As a [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]] to the chalkboard gag, Bart tells Lisa he writes lines on the chalkboard everyday and needs new ideas.