In the season 23 finale, Lisa is branded the least popular kid in school and things get worse when she's reduced to ghostwriting positive messages about her on the Springfield Elementary Internet forums. The only person who can help her (and the self-esteem of everyone in town) is eccentric pop singer Music/LadyGaga, [[ContrivedCoincidence whose train just so happens to make a stop at Springfield]].
!!"Lisa Goes Gaga" contains examples of:
* KarmaHoudini and KidsAreCruel: The children of Springfield Elementary.
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: Lady Gaga, to near UncannyValley levels.
* NotCheatingUnlessYouGetCaught: Homer tried to comfort Lisa by saying her mistake wasn't ghostwriting positive messages about her but getting caught. Fortunately, Lisa, instead of listening to him, decided to once again benefit from the fact she can ignore him without it being a big loss.
* SockPuppet: Lisa made an account called "Truth Teller" who gives a good comment about her and she becomes popular at school, but Bart finds out about it and she is hated again.
* SparklingStreamOfTears:
-->'''Lisa:''' Are you crying glitter?\\
'''Lady Gaga:''' Tiny diamonds. Hurts like hell.
* UnlimitedWardrobe: Lady Gaga wears 18 outfits in this episode.