Following a disastrous date and a head injury at work, Homer begins seeing a suave superspy (voiced by [[Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle Bryan]] [[Series/BreakingBad Cranston]]) who gives him advice on how to be Marge's dream man. Meanwhile, Bart stuffs Nelson full of Krusty Burger's nutritionally dubious food to weaken him and stop his bullying forever.

!!Tropes featured:

* BondOneLiner: Homer shouts these at the screen during a Stradivarius Cain movie, much to Marge's annoyance. (Lenny and Carl, however, cheer him on.)
* EatBrainForMemories:
-->'''Burns:''' Oh pish, when I was in Africa I had my skull cracked open by cannibals and I'm still kicking.\\
'''Smithers:''' Sir, that was your partner, you betrayed him ''to'' the cannibals.\\
'''Burns:''' Oh right, I have his memories because I ate his brain.
* ImaginaryFriend: Stradivarius Cane is Homer's. [[spoiler:And Officer Lou is Chief Wiggum's.]]