In this Christmas anthology episode, Bart goes after Krusty Claus, Lisa dreams of Christmas in World War II Germany, Martha Stewart teaches Marge the true meaning of Christmas, and KatyPerry appears with Muppet Simpsons.

!! Tropes:

* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: When Bart wished Mr. Burns wouldn't sing "12 Days of Christmas", Burns said he'd sing the "original" version with ''39'' days.
* NoBudget: So much was spent to have KatyPerry appear there was only one hound to answer Mr. Burns' usual "release the hounds" command.
* ShoutOut: Mr. Burns decided to visit the Simpsons because he was visited by [[YetAnotherChristmasCarol three spirits]].
* TemptingFate: When the Simpsons were about to depart for Hawaii, Homer said nothing would stop them. Mr. Burns then showed up.