Bart's animated short film from the season 13 episode "I Am Furious Yellow" gets nominated for an Academy Award, but Bart keeps Homer away when Homer begins to hog the credit.

!! Tropes:

* TheCameo: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Creator/BradPitt, Creator/AngelinaJolie, Music/LadyGaga, Music/EltonJohn, Creator/RickyGervais, Creator/RussellBrand, Creator/MartinScorsese and Creator/HalleBerry all make an appereance.
* TheFilmOfTheSeries: Angry Dad
* ItsAllAboutMe: Homer's mentality for all the awards for Angry Dad. Bart almost goes with this as well, until he brings up everyone else who helped make the film.
* ShoutOut: The studio that produces the film has a lot of posters that parody Creator/{{Disney}}, Creator/{{Pixar}} and Creator/{{Dreamworks}} movies.
** There's a cameo by the Mixar staff (a LawyerFriendlyCameo version of Pixar), complete with a free version of "You've got a Friend in Me", parodies of WesternAnimation/WallE, WesternAnimation/LuxoJr and WesternAnimation/ToyStory.
** The other movies parody French animation films (specifically Film/TheTripletsOfBelleville), Film/{{Persepolis}} and Film/WallaceAndGromit.
** During the Special Effects award there's a fight with lightsabers between ComicBook/IronMan and ComicBook/TheIncredibleHulk.