Bart gets Mrs. Krabappel fired after she confiscates the class's cell phones, but soon starts to feel guilty when a hip, new teacher is hired in her place and Mrs. Krabappel gets a job at a muffin store thanks to a self-help book.

!! Tropes:

* BaitAndSwitch: Bart tries on the third act to spike Zach's (the new teacher's) coffee in the same way as he spiked Krabappel's, but he cannot bring himself to do so out of guilt for what Krabappel is going through and confesses doing this to Skinner... who will not hire Krabappel back because Zach is doing a very good job. The dilemma is taken out of their hands when it turns out that Zach drinks coffee with vodka, which he does in school right on that moment and turns him into a belligerent drunk that insults all of the kids and tells them that they have no future. Groundskeeper Willie drags Zack away after that with the remark "It's always the good ones that go crazy the fastest".
* BigNo: Bart when he learned how many competitors Mrs. Krabappel had during her job running a muffin store.
* DiegeticSwitch: "Another Day" by Creator/PaulMcCartney starts on the episode soundtrack, then continues diegetically on Mrs. Krabappel's car radio.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Principal Skinner says he cannot fire a teacher for as long as said teacher shows up for work and doesn't touch anybody.
* {{Revenge}}: After getting her teaching job back, Mrs. Krabappel forces the kids who got her fired to eat stale muffins.
* ShoutOut: The self-help book that Bart gets Krabappel, "The Answer", is a parody of ''[[ The Secret]]''. Allegedly, the book can tell you what is your dream, and it tells Krabappel that her dream is to bake muffins.
* TakeThat: For the above-mentioned book: on the final act, Krabappel tells Bart that her real dream was to be a teacher and (after an act of looking like her muffin business was booming) she reveals that she is now heavy in debt and many rivals have opened up since she started, so she tears the book apart. Her final revenge act is portrayed as if she took the idea from the book, as well.