Bart becomes the object of affection and contempt for a {{Tsundere}} fourth grader named Nikki. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama encourages Lisa to be smart and Nelson teaches a blind boy how to be a bully.

!! Tropes:

* AndThisIsFor: Nelson punches a blind boy for mocking him.
* FunWithAcronyms: First Lady Of The United States One
* GuestStar: Creator/SarahSilverman as Nikki and Angela Bassett as Michelle Obama
* LoopholeAbuse: To avoid violating the school's no-touch policy when Bart needed a mouth-to-mouth, Principal Skinner tried to roll him outside the school's area with a pool skimmer.
* ShoutOut: Among the montage of various kisses from famous movies is [[Film/Alien3 a Xenomorph's inner-mouth kissing Ridley]], which was one of [[CouchGag movie spoofs]] used in the opening of WesternAnimation/TheCritic