Bart gets a hold of Dennis Leary's cellphone while working at a country club to buy his own, but when Dennis Leary himself confronts Marge about Bart tricking him into playing in crappy roles, Marge becomes a more controlling mother and Bart runs off to the ancient South American city of Machu Picchu.
* EverybodyPoops: A movie Bart got Dennis Leary in.
* MoodWhiplash "Night is scary. DAY IS AWESOME!"
* MyBelovedSmother: The B-plot has Marge learn not to be so smothering toward Bart.
* ShoutOut: It's not the first Australia [[TheSimpsonsS6E16BartVsAustralia hears it for Bart]].
* TookALevelInJerkass: Lisa learns her family was chasing a bird called a Scarlet Tanager and its migration pattern leads to Machu Picchu, where Lisa had expressed interest in visiting earlier in the episode. She "conveniently" neglects to tell her family this so she can go on the trip she wants..