The Simpson house is foreclosed upon after Homer uses the money from his home equity loan to host lavish Mardi Gras parties, and Ned buys it and becomes their landlord so they won't have to move, but being a landlord for a slobbish family like The Simpsons begins to take its toll on Ned.

* ShoutOut:
** While living at the homeless shelter, Bart and Lisa were wearing ''{{Hulk}}'' shirts. Bart's was from "[[{{Film/Hulk}} The First Hulk Movie]]" and Lisa's was from "[[TheIncredibleHulk The Second Hulk Movie]]".
** Also, Ned's would-be tenants had a dog named [[Creator/WhoopiGoldberg Woofi Goldberg]].
* TemptingFate: After the Simpsons were evicted, Homer drew comfort from the fact it wasn't raining. They then looked at the sky as if [[CueTheRain expecting it to rain]] just because [[GenreSavvy Homer said it wasn't]] but then [[SubvertedTrope no rain came]].