Episode - 7G05\\
First Aired - 2/4/1990

After [[TheBully Nelson]] steals cupcakes Lisa made for her teacher, Bart decides to stand up for her and ends up getting bullied by Nelson. After taking advice from Marge and Homer, Bart visits Grampa Simpson and a one-armed, mentally unstable miltary antique store owner named Herman and the three plan an all-out war against Nelson and his cronies.
!!This episode contains examples of:
* BigBrotherInstinct: Bart gets in trouble with Nelson after tearing into one of his lackies harassing Lisa.
* ButtMonkey: Bart. Milhouse also can't catch a break in the training sequence.
* CombatPragmatist: Homer says that Simpsons have to fight dirty to overcome their physical shortcomings. Even that didn't work for Bart.
* TheDogBitesBack
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness:
** Nelson has a more common EvilLaugh than his famous "Haw! Haw!" He also had two kids called "The Weasels" as his sidekicks; later episodes would have Nelson either bullying alone or bullying with Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney, and, according to the season 25 episode "Winter of His Content," The Weasels moved to Shelbyville Elementary, which is why they haven't been seen in ages.
** Grampa was more of a bitter and deceptively wily old man rather than a forgetful loser like in most later episodes.
* TheFunInFuneral: During a scene where Bart [[ImagineSpot envisions]] his own funeral, Homer cheerfully expresses his pleasure at getting a day off -- until Marge sets him straight. Later, as Bart's classmates are tearfully filing past his casket to say their goodbyes, Nelson punches Bart's corpse as a parting shot.
* GroinAttack: One of Homer's suggestions on how Bart should fight (kick him in the family jewels[[note]][[HypocriticalHumor Which is one of the words Grampa doesn't want to hear on TV again]][[/note]]).
* ImagineSpot: Prior to their first fight, Bart pictures himself trying to run from Nelson, trying to ward him off with every method in his arsenal, but Nelson is unfazed and grows into a giant ... before grabbing Bart, growling "Lunchtime!" and swallowing him whole. Later, Bart imagines his own funeral, his friends, teachers and family tearfully saying their goodbyes before Nelson punches Bart's corpse.
* JustFollowingOrders: This is what Nelson's lackeys claim when they surrender.
* LastDisrespects: Bart imagines his funeral after being killed by Nelson, who takes a cupcake left in the casket by Lisa and resumes beating up Bart's corpse one last time.
* RunningGag: The DVD commentary reveals that Herman's story of losing his arm while sticking it out a school bus window was intended to be the start of one, with him giving a different outlandish story about it every time he appeared. But then they just lost interest in it.
* ShoutOut: To the majority of war films.
** Some music was directly lifted from ''Film/{{Patton}}'' in reference. As Fox owned the rights to the soundtrack, there were no issues in using the music.
*** There is also a spoof of the famous scene where Patton slaps a soldier for crying.
** The marching sequence references ''FullMetalJacket''.
** A random kid kisses Lisa at the end of the "war," referencing the famous photo of a sailor newly returned from World War II kissing a nurse in the middle of Time Square. A disgusted Lisa promptly smacks him in the kisser.
** A shot of the kids charging with a fallen helmet in the foreground references ''Film/TheLongestDay''.