A night at a rib restaurant turns into yet another plot for Sideshow Bob to kill The Simpson family, but the whole scheme turns into a family affair when Bart kills his mortal enemy by throwing away his nitroglycerine (which Sideshow Bob needs for his heart) and the rest of the Terwiligers go after Bart for killing Bob.

!! Tropes:

* AFoolForAClient: Sideshow Bob represented himself when taken to court.
* [[spoiler:FakingTheDead]]: [[spoiler:Sideshow Bob]]
* [[spoiler:TheFamilyThatSlaysTogether]]: [[spoiler: Sideshow Bob, his wife, his son, his brother and his parents]].
* VillainBall: Sideshow Bob ends up foiling his own scheme when he uses his explosive laptop to look up information on the Internet. [[spoiler: Subverted when it turns out this was part of his actual plan to kill Bart.]]