Lisa makes a film that gets into the Sundance Film Festival. While it's a success, it also paints the family in a rather insensitive, unflattering light.

!! Tropes:
* AbusiveParents: After watching Lisa's film, a man asked Homer to strangle his child.
* AsHimself: Creator/JimJarmusch and Creator/JohnCReilly.
* BlatantLies: After the negative reaction to the film by the family, Lisa claims that she did had no say in how the film was edited. This is then immediately followed by a title card read by Lisa herself that it was proudly edited by her.
* HiddenDepths: This episode is yet another example to how much deeper Nelson Muntz is as a character and [[CharacterDevelopment how much he has grown from the cruel bully without a cause from the first season to a more introspective, sensitive boy who's more than meets the eye.]]
* RealityEnsues: When Chalmers and Skinner sleigh down a hill, they crash through a church and come out [[UsefulNotes/{{Mormonism}} with several brides between them.]] After Chalmers asks if this is real, one of the women replies that it's not and that both of them have in fact crashed their sled and are lying unconscious in a snow embankment, which they are currently located.
* TheStinger: The first part of the credits has an extra scene with Skinner and Chalmers.
* TakeThat: "No more Simpsons movies! [[TheSimpsonsMovie One]] is plenty!"
* TemptingFate: Lisa tries to assure her family that nobody outside the festival is ever going to hear about the film, which is followed by Comic Book Guy writing an online review.
* TooDumbToLive: The other Sundance Festival judges who were deliberately told ''not'' to gasp too much due to their high altitude did anyway in reaction to Lisa's film. They are then seen being loaded into ambulances with a few of them dying as a result.
* VanityPlate: Skinner and Chalmers create one of their own, "Chalmskinn Productions", which has the set up of the Creator/{{Paramount}} logo and the music of the Creator/DreamWorks logo.