After discovering Marge's diploma, Homer recounts the time he gave up his dreams of being a musician just to put Marge through college until Marge breaks Homer's heart and falls for her professor.

!! Tropes:
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Frustrated with Marge spending a lot of time with her professor, Homer tells her that she should go with him. Little did he know that Stefane was within earshot and agrees to take Marge.
* ContinuitySnarl: Besides Marge's personality (which a small, but vocal minority have cited as the reason they despise this episode), the main problem with this episode is the careless retconning of Homer and Marge being young and childless in the 1990s and the forced jokes about 1990s pop culture.
* DevotedToYou: Even though Marge was cruel to him and left him for Stefane, he still loved her and sung a heartbroken song about her, mentioning her by name.
* FauxYay: When Moe got caught trying to steal a patron's wristwatch, he claimed he was trying to flirt. To Moe's [[OhCrap horror]], his "feelings" were reciprocated.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: Subverted. Homer goes to Moe's for a drink, only to discover that Moe is offering cigars.
* {{Jerkass}} Marge's college professor, Stefane August. He manipulates Marge into dumping Homer for him and acts like he's a revolutionary feminist, but really he's just a jerk who would sleep with one of his students.
* MistakenForJunkie: Marge unintentionally destroys an insulin syringe, thinking that Homer was taking narcotics and was dying from an overdose.
* TheNineties
* SecondActBreakup: The third act focuses on Marge being with Stefane and Homer going through a deep depression.
* StudentTeacherRomance: The whole plot revolves around Marge being involved with one of her professors.
* UngratefulBitch: Marge was at her worst in this episode, what with ditching Homer for her professor when Homer was paying for her tuition by working a job he hated.