'''Originally aired:''' December 17, 2006

In the 2006 Christmas Episode, when Gil loses his job on Christmas Eve after giving away the present for his boss's daughter, the Simpsons take him in. However, he soon takes advantage of their generosity and moves in, with Marge unable to throw him out. Meanwhile, Homer is stalked by a Grinch-like character he fought at an ice show.

* ALessonLearnedTooWell: After going through the entire episode unable to say 'No', Marge finally finds the strength to do it. Unfortunately, she goes overboard by going all the way to Gil's new workplace to tell him off, getting him fired again.
* BaitAndSwitch: When the Simpsons arrive at Gil's real estate agency, Homer realizes he left Santa's Little Helper in the car, gasping. He immediately dashes back...and tells the dog how to roll down the window.
* DisproportionateRetribution: In a FlashbackCut, when Marge refuses to hide Patty and Selma's cigarettes in her dollhouse, they jam her into it.
* HereWeGoAgain: Marge [[MadeOutToBeAJerkass feels so guilty over getting Gil fired again]] that she and the family buys a summer home from him.