Lisa's new best friend, Michael, turns out to be the son of local Mafia boss, Fat Tony.
!!This episode provides examples of:
* AbnormalAmmo: When the gangsters threaten Ned Flanders, Bart pulls out his slingshot... and loads it with ''the cat''.
* BigNo: Otto yells this when Principal Skinner suspends him for spanking Bart. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotHeinous With pay]].
* FellOffTheBackOfATruck: The trope's page contains a picture of this episode.
** OverlyLongGag: Homer brought a ''truck'' that "fell off a truck-truck". Later, Bart brought a ''truck-truck'' that "fell off a truck-truck...-truck". Then Maggie brought a ''truck-truck-truck''.
* OhCrap: Nelson recoils when he discovers that Michael is Fat Tony's son.
* TurnInYourBadge: Otto turned in his beaded seat and his gun.