Cletus's kids become stars on Krusty's show after Lisa offers to home-school them. Meanwhile, Bart is sent to therapy for scaring children with tales of a LethalChef who cannibalizes kids.

!! Tropes:
* AsHimself: Music/StephenSondheim, Creator/AndyDick and Creator/JamesPatterson.
* ArtShift: The "Dark Stanley" sequences are based on the illustrations of Creator/EdwardGorey.
* BigNo: Krusty gives one after being by Brandine that only two of the seven Spuckler children were fathered by Cletus--the one that can't sing and the one that can't adlib.
* BitingTheHandHumor: Bart tells Dr. Swanson that he once dreamt that the Simpsons were cartoon characters, and that their success led to a "crazy propaganda network called Creator/FoxNews."
* BrickJoke: Bart was sent to therapy for making up a story about a child murdering chef known as "Dark Stanley". The viewers eventually learn that Dark Stanely was in fact real, and that Dr. Swanson's son was murdered by him, and is deeply troubled by it.
* CrashingDreams: Marge is dreaming of Creator/JamesPatterson, and he's about to ask her to kiss when he suddenly sounds like an alarm clock, waking her up.
* HalfwayPlotSwitch: Krusty largely hijacked the main plot on whether or not Lisa can teach the Spuckler children by getting them into a contract on his show.
* NeverLearnedToRead: Cletus merely signs the contract after pretending to read through it.
-->'''Cletus:''' Hamburger, [[SayingThingsTwiceTwice hamburger]], [[RuleOfThree hamburger]], [[FourIsDeath hamburger]]...
* PimpDuds: Cletus wears them after becoming his kids' manager.
* RealAfterAll: Shockingly enough, '''Dark Stanley'''.
* ShoutOut: Lisa's story is a WholePlotReference to ''Film/TheSoundOfMusic'', complete with songs. The ending parodies ''Series/TheHoneymooners''.
* TookALevelInJerkass: Cletus, after signing on to being a manager to the children. [[SubvertedTrope Ultimately subverted]] when Brandine saves the Spuckler family and gets them out of the contract.
* WingdingPupils: Enforced. Krusty gets dollar signs on his eyes when he learns that the Spuckler kids don't have agents. He then takes off the dollar sign contact lenses and comments that [[CrazyPrepared he knew he would find a use for them someday.]]
* WrongfullyAttributed: Krusty thinks Music/StephenSondheim was the one who wrote ''Theatre/{{Cats}}''.