Declan Desmond makes a documentary highlighting the progress in the lives of several Springfieldians.

!! Tropes:
* BigNo: Smithers shouts several of these as a result of being tied up inside a grandfather clock and forced to hear the loud chimes.
* MockMillionaire: Homer pretended to be wealthy to impress Declan but Mr. Burns unexpectedly showed up and ended the hoax.
* NeverTheSelvesShallMeet: Prof. Frink tried to tell his past self not to pursue a scientific career. He was ran over in the past, preventing him from getting young Frink's attention.
* RoyaltiesHeir[=/=]InventorOfTheMundane: Homer (falsely) claimed he became wealthy by inventing the condiment pen.
-->'''Homer:''' I got the idea from the regular pen.
* SelfMadeMan: The sort of wealthy man Homer pretended to be.