Patty and Selma kidnap ''MacGyver'' star Richard Dean Anderson while Homer goes to India to man the country's new nuclear plant (which has been outsourced from the one in America).

!! Tropes:

* GoneHorriblyRight: When Richard Dean Anderson refuses to talk about ''Series/MacGyver'' with Patty and Selma, they kidnap him. But he manages to [[MacGyvering MacGyver]] his way out, and with new love for the show, asks them to make it harder to escape.
* ManInAKilt: The Stargate fans ogling Willie because they have no hopes of getting anything closer to a real girl than him.
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: Richard Dean Anderson's reason (as he claims in the episode) to have been MacGyver.
* StockLateralThinkingPuzzle: Lenny and Carl travel to India to see Homer. While in a dungeon, they're told by a guard that one of the rooms contains a tiger, the other, Homer Simpson. They open both doors to find a tiger in each room; the guard elaborates: "One of those tigers is named "Homer Simpson"."
* SuspectIsHatless: Homer tries to find Apu's cousin Kavi, who is "medium height, dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair". The trouble is, he's in India. Luckily he only has to ask two passers-by if they're Kavi. Even more fortunately, Kavi looks and sounds almost exactly like Apu.