After attempting assisted suicide when the town blames Grampa for losing out on an NFL franchise, Grampa decides to get a new lease on life and becomes a matador.

!! Tropes:

* CharlieChaplinShoutOut: Grampa thinks he's dead and thinks he's in Heaven. His notion is further proven when he sees a Chaplin impersonator holding an advertising sign, and is amazed that he can talk.
* ContrivedCoincidence: Of all the houses in town, the football commissioner ended up in front of the Simpsons' house where Abe mistakes him for a thief.
* DoubleEntendre: "Old Man Beats Meat".
* InterruptedSuicide: Abe's was interrupted by a new law being passed on the nick of time.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Thanks to Abe mistaking the commissioner of pro football for a burglar and holding him hostage, Springfield loses out on their football team.
** Of course, the town bears as much fault in this, since (a) the town changed the names to ALL the town's streets and (b) did not arrange to either meet the commissioner or tell him of the changes.
* OhCrap: The doctor who was about to assist Abe's suicide when he learned one of his previous patients was Chief Wiggum's brother-in-law.
* {{Pun}}: The assisted suicide machine is called the [=DiePod=].
* SameContentDifferentRating: Because of the references to assisted suicide and animal cruelty (along with such crude innuendo as "Old Man Beats Meat" and Lenny saying he has "Touchdowns Syndrome"), this episode was given a TV-14 rating in America, while Australia gave this an M rating (which is like a TV-14 in America in that it's the highest rating a TV show can get on free-to-air TV, as the MA-15+ and R-18+ are reserved for cable shows and video games) and the UK gave this a 15 rating for discriminatory language, [[SuicideAsComedy playing assisted suicide for laughs]], and violence centered on animals.