Marge babysits for Rod and Todd that goes against Ned's strict parenting, while Bart gets kidnapped by a chimp who turns out to be Mr. Teeny's mom.

* BaitAndSwitch: After Marge gave Tutu a touching speech to convince her to give Bart back, Tutu holds Bart out to her, making it look like she got through to her...only for Tutu to leap over Marge and escape her cage with Bart over her shoulder.
* CheatersNeverProsper: Homer tries to win by shooting all the leading ducks during the race. It results in his duck both going into a windmill and being abducted real ducks. The one he threw back into the race was a real duck and Flanders won instead.
* EpicFail: Homer's attempts to rescue Bart from Tutu end with him swallowing a tranquilizer dart and knocking himself out.
* ImStandingRightHere: While consoling Homer over losing the rubber duck race, Marge admits that Bart's performance at a soccer game was terrible, unaware that [[RightBehindMe he was right behind her]].
* NonSequiturThud: While going through the mill, Homer keeps saying to himself "Protect the duck!". After getting bonked on the head enough, he mumbles "[[{{Spoonerism}} Produck the tect]]".
* OverprotectiveDad: Because he lost Maude, Ned is paranoid that his sons will get hurt. After Rod chips his tooth during an indoor rock-climbing accident, Ned saws the seesaw, bubble-wraps a tree, and blows up the playhouse.
* ReplacementGoldfish: Bart becomes one for Tutu. Because her son, Mr. Teeny, was taken away from her, she took Bart in and treats him like her child.
* ShoutOut: The windmill that Homer and his rubber duck go through has similarities to the titular building from ''Disney/TheOldMill''.