A ''Simpson''-ized parody of ''Theatre/MyFairLady'' sees Lisa training the brash Groundskeeper Willie into being a proper gentleman; Homer sells his body as a human billboard to save his trademark blue pants from being discontinued.

!! Tropes:
* ADayInTheLimelight: For Willie.
* BeyondTheImpossible: During his time as the school's new groundskeeper, Mr. Largo somehow drove the tractor to the roof. Even he doesn't know how he did it.
* PlagiarismInFiction: While shoving Krusty's face to a dessert, Willie makes a joke that Krusty likes so much he asks for permission to use it at his show. Krusty says he'll use the joke with or without the permission.
* PygmalionPlot: As the title suggests.
* RagsToRiches: Willie ''looks'' the part and is very much praised for his new attitude, but soon, the snobs of the higher class start to annoy him that he eventually reverts back to his former self, not without thanking Lisa for thanking her time with him.
* ThingOMeter: One of the projects presented at the science fair is a surprise-o-meter.