Nelson moves in with the Simpsons while Lisa purposely starves herself to lose weight in her allegedly big butt.

!! Tropes:

* DisappearedDad: Bart finds Nelson's dad, who had been in a freak show after suffering a peanut allergy (which contradicts several past episodes that imply that Nelson's dad wasn't around because he's either in jail, abandoned his mom because of her cough drop addiction, or went insane. On top of that "[[Recap/{{TheSimpsonsS9E6BartStar}} Bart Star]]" and [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS4E14BrotherFromTheSamePlanet Brother From the Same Planet]]" showed Nelson's dad).
* TakeThat: Bart decides that going crazy and jumping into a cake is better than singing [[BarbraStreisand Streisand]].