Springfield Elementary signs a deal with a snack company to install vending machines in the schools—with Bart taking advantage of the situation to the point that he becomes obese and suffers a heart attack.

!! Tropes:
* GratuitousGerman: Homer sings "99 Lüftballons" (in the original German, not the English translation) by Music/{{Nena}}.
* MythologyGag: When Bart is having a heart attack, Homer tells him to "Do the Bartman".
* OpeningShoutOut: In one scene, a variation of the opening sequence is played, only it lasts much longer now that Bart had become slower because of his extra weight.
* ShoutOut: When the coach of the fat camp takes Bart home to show the youth hostel it became, Bart asks if the guests can see them and the coach says that they obviously can since he's not [[Literature/AChristmasCarol the Ghost of Christmas Past]].
* StagingAnIntervention: The Simpsons do this to convince Bart to lose some weight. When he tries to make a break for it, he is taken by "professional child snatchers" to the fat camp.
* TemporaryBulkChange: Bart becomes obese after eating too many snacks.