The Simpsons go on a late-night attic search after Bart and Lisa (who are freaked out over a horror movie Homer let them watch) begin hearing voices and find Marge's ex-prom date Artie Ziff, who's on the run for cheating the shareholders of his company.

!! Tropes:

* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Ziff.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Ziff before Marge called him out on that.
** HeelRealization: His reaction afterward.
* MissingStepsPlan: The moment Artie Ziff told the Simpsons he was a dot-com billionaire, they already understood how he went broke.
* RichesToRags: Ziff after the bubble burst.
* TooDumbToLive: Ziff didn't realize how his fellow inmates thought about his plan to save them from smoking.