The Springfield Library is dilapidated, filled with bums, and hardly contains any books. Bart, Lisa and Milhouse expect to find material to work on their History class, and Marge fills in with three historical pieces from her own memory.



* ButYouWereThereAndYouAndYou
* NestedStory
* ThreeShorts
* HistoricalInJoke: All over the place.
* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: Spoofed, lampshaded by Homer
-->AnimalHouse, house, house.
-->Then they did the end like AmericanGraffiti!
-->Where you found out what happened to everyone!

[[folder:Henry VIII]]
* ArtisticLicenseHistory: The segment, among other inaccuracies (which is normal for these stories), completely ignores the fact that Henry VIII '''did''' father a few sons (although the only legitimate one who'd actually lived long enough to see his first birthday was from his third wife).
* BigEater: Henry VIII.
* ExactWords: "Canonized".
* HeirClubForMen: Henry VIII wants a son.
* MyCard: "Anne Boleyn - 'A son will come out - tomorrow!'"
* StartMyOwn: This is how the Anglican Church was born.
* NoExceptYes:
-->'''Marge''': It's not your fault. It's just that you came out the wrong sex and ruined everything.
* IWillShowYouX: Subverted.
-->'''Messenger''': Well, we’re running out of pikes to stick’ your wives’ heads on.
-->'''King Henry''': I'll show you we're running out of pikes!
-->''They open the pike storage''.
-->'''King Henry''': Hey, you were right!

[[folder:Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea]]
* ChekhovsSkill: Looking larger to intimidate mountain lions.
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg:
-->'''Chief''': We have always known of the coming of the white man… and Carl.
* WrittenByTheWinners:
-->'''Tweedleburger''': Oooh, I'm dying... but at least people will always remember the expedition of Lewis and Clark and Tweedleburger!

[[folder:Mozart and Salieri]]
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter
* TheRockStar: Parodied with Mozart.
* StageMom: Mozart’s Dad.
* WholePlotReference: to {{Amadeus}}, lampshaded by Lisa.