Homer clones himself with a magic hammock, Lisa's crusade to rid the town of guns resurrects outlaw zombies, and Dr. Hibbert turns island vacationers into animals.

!! Tropes:

* AmbiguousCloneEnding: Subverted.
* ShoutOut: One of the clones looked like the Homer from ''The Tracey Ulman Show'' time and another one looked like [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]].
* PainfulTransformation: Marge into a blue panther
* TakeThat: Peter Griffin appearing as [[{{Expy}} one of Homer's clones]].
* TooDumbToLive: Homer's clones. When Homer decided to get rid of the clones, he took them to an empty area and asked which ones knew the way back home. After he shot the first one to raise a hand, other clones did it.