Artie Ziff, now a tech billionaire, returns and offers Homer a million dollars if he agrees to spend a weekend with Marge so Homer can get money for an operation to help him stop snoring.

!! Tropes:

* RichSuitorPoorSuitor: Artie Ziff and Homer Simpson
* ShoutOut: When Marge leaves in the helicopter she see a message made from Homer using nothing but rocks, mirroring the famous final scene in ''Series/{{Mash}}'' (only the message on ''MASH'' said, "Goodbye," not "Keep Your Clothes On").
** The entire episode (and the title) is a reference to the movie ''Indecent Proposal''.
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Artie Ziff has become fabulously rich with a device that converts the sound of a modem dialing into soothing music. No wonder Ziff had hit the skids by his next appearance, as those were just starting to become obsolete.