Homer gets into the Internet by becoming an online gossip columnist-cum-conspiracy theorist, whose stories land him on a bizarre island for people who know too much (and is modeled after the one from the TV show ''Series/ThePrisoner'').


* BlackComedy: Ned, reading Homer's website, is happy to hear he was right about flu shots being mind-control serums. He then asks a bedridden, sickly Rod and Todd if they're happy he didn't get them vaccinated. The two shiver and agree, and then Todd says, [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS11E14AloneAgainNaturaDiddily "Mommy?"]] On the commentary, the writers wondered if they went too far with that gag.
* CassandraTruth: [[InvertedTrope Homer's flu vaccination "rumor"]][[note]]that flu shots contain mind control serum[[/note]], which he [[AssPull made up]], turns out to be true.
* DumbassHasAPoint: Number 2 explains that they use flu vaccinations right before Christmas to mind control people into a frenzy of shopping. Homer calls this needlessly complicated.
* EpicFail: Rover is about to get Homer, but he pops it with a fork.
-->'''Number Two:''' Why did you think a big balloon would stop him?\\
'''Lady Scientist:''' Shut up! That's why.
* FakeCrossover: Patrick [=McGoohan=] guest stars, reprising his role as [[Series/ThePrisoner Number 6]]. Apparently the reason why he was imprisoned was due to inventing a bottomless peanut bag.
* GainaxEnding: The whole Simpsons family end up on The Island.
-->'''Marge''': [[GildedCage You know, once you get used to the druggings, this isn't such a bad place.]]
* HonestJohnsDealership: Homer buys a computer from a place called "Honest John's Computers".
* NoodleIncident: Bart once got suspended from school because he had a knife in his locker.
* SkewedPriorities: [[BigEater Homer]] believed stale bagels to be more important than Krusty's involuntary manslaughter cases.
* SpitTake: [[ParodiedTrope Parodied.]] Upon seeing how much Homer's new computer costs, he drinks some coffee and spits it.
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Homer's decoy clone starts talking like [[Franchise/StarWars Yoda]] for some reason.
-->[[PreAsskickingOneLiner That arranged can be!]]
* YouAreNumberSix: Provides the page image. Homer rubs it in Number 6's face when he's named Number 5.