Lisa's crush on an environmentalist (voiced by Joshua Jackson, who was on ''Dawson's Creek'' at the time) leads her to camp out on Springfield's tallest tree in protest over plans to have it felled. Meanwhile, Bart gets a job as a menu delivery boy for a Thai restaurant so he can raise money for a new video game system.
!!"Lisa the Tree Hugger" contains examples of:
* LastRequest: When Lisa was mistaken for dead, Homer took advantage of this to make Moe believe it was her dying wish that he poured his egg jar's contents down his pants and ripped Homer's tab.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse and PlotHole: Bart's storyline about raising money for a new video game system seemed to disappear after Bart is trained ''Matrix''-style in leaving menus behind.
** He has the money, but uses it instead to buy Krusty burgers for the family.
*** He most likely had enough left over to do that.