In this homage to such movies as ''Go'' and ''Run, Lola, Run'', Homer's severed thumb, Lisa's mad rush to school, and Bart and Milhouse enountering the local Mafia are interconnected to show how each of these events are related.


* AnArmAndALeg: Homer's severed thumb.
* BrickJoke: When Marge calls 911 for help during the first shot, Chief Wiggum is more concerned about arresting Marge than helping Homer so she makes up a fake address named "123 Fake Street" to lure him away. The third shot reveals that the address really exists.
* CommercialBreakCliffhanger: "Lisa's Day" ends with Marge hitting the brakes as Bart (who was last seen running off to answer the door during breakfast) suddenly emerges from a manhole. Not only do we have to wait through the commercials, we also had to watch "Bart's Day" to see what led to this situation before it's resolved. Bart turns away from the truck anticipating impact, only to be lightly hit by it as comes to a complete stop. "Ow. Mom...!"
* DespairEventHorizon: Homer gives up on saving his thumb when he realises he can't reach Shelbyville in 20 miles on foot, so he promptly dumps Moe's pickle brine into the trash.
-->'''Homer:''' ''(to his severed, shriveled thumb)'' Well, friend, we always knew this day would come. Say goodbye to your brother.
* DecoyProtagonist: While the episode depicts the events of Homer, Bart and Lisaís day it is actually a Marge episode as she is the one who holds everything together and makes everything happen. She kicks off everything with breakfast, cuts off Homer's thumb (by accident), starts up the 123 Fake Street which leads to Bart's undercover storyline, does all the driving for both Homer and Lisa, and itís her fault that Homer has to hitchhike and then walk. And itís ultimately her who saves the day by tossing Linguo into the fire.
* DiesWideOpen: After Linguo "dies", Homer pushes his eyes shut.
* FrenchJerk: The West Springfield counterpart of Lisa's classroom has a French class, who laugh at her predicament.
* GrammarNazi: Linguo is programmed to correct grammar.
-->'''Homer:''' Let's put him to the test. "Me like beer."
-->'''Linguo:''' ''I'' like beer.
-->'''Homer:''' Aww, [[AmbiguousSyntax he]] [[ComicallyMissingThePoint likes beer]]. (''pours beer into its mouth'')
* LogicBomb: Gangster speak is too much for Linguo to handle.
-->'''Louie:''' Hey, they's throwing robots at us!
-->'''Linguo:''' They ''are'' throwing robots.
-->'''Legs:''' (''to Fat Tony'') He's disrespecting us. (''to Linguo'') Shaddap you face!
-->'''Linguo:''' Shut up ''your'' face.
-->'''Legs:''' Wassamatta you?
-->'''Louie:''' You ain't so big!
-->'''Legs:''' Me and him are gonna whack-a you in Labonza!
-->'''Linguo:''' Bad grammar overload... Error! Error!
* LogoJoke: The audio for the Gracie Films logo is replaced with this:
-->(''West Springfield students laugh'')\\
'''French Teacher:''' ''en francais''...\\
(''students laugh in snooty manner'')
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: The title screen for "Homer's Day" is Homer losing the towel around his waist as he dashes off to get dressed for breakfast.
* ParentheticalSwearing: When Marge accidentally gets into a rear-end collision with Rainier Wolfcastle's Ferrari, she mutters, "Aw, doodlebugs."
* RecycledSet: An animation version. Lisa is mistakenly dropped at West Springfield Elementary, which looks exactly identical to Springfield Elementary. One of the students notes that all schools in the area were drawn from the same floor plan. This is TruthInTelevision in some areas, especially areas with a lot of schools built at the same time.
* ShoutOut: To ''Film/RunLolaRun''.
** When Homer is pouring beer into Linguo's mouth, making him short-circuit, Homer explains "I thought he was a party robot.", which is how Bender has been described on ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''. Linguo even looks a bit like Bender.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: Much like "22 Short Films About Springfield," this episode tells its story in interconnected vignettes. Unlike "22 Short Films About Springfield," this episode focuses on how Homer getting his thumb cut off, Lisa ending up in the wrong school, and Bart and Milhouse running afoul of Fat Tony and his men are related to each other.
* TakeThat: Chief Wiggum has Bart record the mobster's confession on a Music/HootieAndTheBlowfish album because "It's cheaper than blank tape."
* ThreeShorts: The episode is split into "Homer's Day", "Lisa's Day", and "Bart's Day".
* TooDumbToLive: Or in Homer's case, "too dumb and impatient to realize that one shouldn't reach into a pan when your wife is using a knife to cut the brownies on the wrong side."
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: What happened to Maggie in the episode.
* WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings: Lisa's reaction to Homer trying to "feed" Linguo beer.