Homer, who has been on a Good Samaritan kick lately, goes on a hunger strike to protest the Springfield Isotopes being moved.

!! Tropes:
* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: Parodied. Cesar Chavez appears before Homer looking like [[Series/{{Batman}} Cesar Romero]] since Homer doesn't know what Cesar Chavez looks like.
* BlackmailIsSuchAnUglyWord: When Sherri says that Bart is "a smelly, ugly dork", Homer retorts by saying "Ugly is such a smelly word."
* EditedForSyndication: The original ending where the Mayor of Albuquerque decides to forgo his plans to buy the Isotopes and sets his sights on the Dallas Cowboys was cut in syndication, making the episode end with Homer celebrating the end of his hunger strike by eating the stadium food. The DVD version and several overseas cuts (particularly in France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom) have the original ending intact.
* ShameIfSomethingHappened: When trying to get a beauty parlor to honor his wife's coupon, Homer spies a hairnet and comments, "It would be a shame if it was hurled to the ground." However, it lands gently on the ground no matter how hard he throws it, so he resorts to unscrewing lids.
* SpecialGuest and HeyItsThatGuy: Howard K. Duff is voiced by Stacy Keach (from the first ''Cheech and Chong'' movie and played Christopher Titus' hard-assed father, Ken, on the sitcom ''Titus'' [which was in production at the time of this episode's premiere]).
* TemporaryBulkChange: A big part of the episode. Homer loses an unhealthy amount of weight over a period of days.
** Meanwhile the 'opposite' happens to his children. All three get fat from having to eat their fathers shares of the food since Marge refuses to cook less.
* TheCassandra: Nobody would believe Homer's claims about the Springfield Isotopes moving to Albuquerque until he pointed out the food being served at the stadium had typical Albuquerque spices. It didn't help the Isotopes' case that the napkins had "Albuquerque Isotopes" written on them.
* ThrowItIn: Homer's "Dancing Away My Hunger Pangs" song was ad-libbed by DanCastellaneta.