Once again, Krusty cancels this show (this time, because of ExecutiveMeddling and the growing popularity of big-money game shows) and hosts a farewell special. And once again, Sideshow Bob returns to kill Bart and Krusty by brainwashing Bart into being an ActionBomb.

!! Tropes:

* AllTelevisionIsLive: ''The Krusty the Clown Show'' is broadcasted live, complete with ExecutiveMeddling[[invoked]] during the procedure.
* BaitAndSwitch: As Krusty looks back on his TV career, he shows his audience his TV debut where he played "Kaputnick, the Russian satellite" on "The Milk of Magnesia Summer Cavalcade". The harness he wore for the performance gave him some discomfort, leading him to belt out "The bolshoi's doing the nutcracker in my pants!" in front of a shocked audience. The Krusty of today then explains, "Back then, you couldn't say 'pants' on TV."
* BigDamnHeroes: Mr. Teeny saves Krusty by disposing the bomb strapped to Bart.
* {{Callback}}: "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS5E2CapeFeare Rakes, my arch enemy]]."
-->'''Bart:''' I thought I was your arch-enemy.\\
'''Bob:''' I have a life outside of you, Bart.
* CaptainErsatz: The episode opens with Moe as a contestant on "Me Wantee", an obvious ripoff of ''Series/WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire''
-->'''Host:''' Is that your ultimate response?
* ChirpingCrickets: See SelfDeprecation.
* CutSong: "Hullaba Lula", a song sung by Sideshow Bob about him framing Bart for killing Krusty. However, the producers couldn't obtain the rights to parody "[[Film/SongOfTheSouth Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah]]". It can be found on the "Testify" album as the first bonus track.
* DreamSequence: Sideshow Bob dreams of Bart killing Krusty with a flamethrower.
* EarlyBirdCameo: The female executive was later reworked into recurring character Leslie Neagle.
* ExecutiveMeddling: [[invoked]]Krusty tries to continue his show with integrity, even as the executives keep harassing him behind the scenes of a live taping. He finally breaks down when one of the execs sneaks herself into an Italian restaurant sketch disguised as a waitress.
* {{Foreshadowing}}/HilariousInHindsight: In one scene, Rainer Wolfcastle is shown to be out of work and bankrupt. He desperately pleads with movie producers to be offered any acting roles available, proclaiming "I do nude scene, I play nerd!" Both of these statements would come to fruition in later episodes (he stars in the film ''Undercover Nerd'' in "The Bart Wants What It Wants" and alludes to performing a full-frontal nude scene in "The Great Louse Detective").
** One of the executives is dragged by Krusty's golf cart, just like the T-1000, foreshadowing TheReveal that both executives are made of liquid metal, also like the T-1000.
* GroinAttack: Bob tests his brainwashing by commanding Bart to attack a Krusty statue at the Krusty Burger with a bat. Bart proceeds to wail at where Krusty's groin would be.
* KangarooCourt: Sideshow Bob will be lucky if he has at least that considering Chief Wiggum was up to executing him without holding the "customary" trial before.
* LamePunReaction: When Sideshow Bob's plan goes into motion, he attempts a witty remark alluding to the NapoleonicWars:
-->'''Bob:''' Well, Krusty, this is your Waterloo. Soon, you'll be [[UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte Napoleon Blown-aparte]].\\
'''Stage Hand:''' Ugh, terrible!\\
'''Bob:''' Oh, hush up, Leo.
* ManchurianAgent
* MissingStepsPlan: When Bob reviews his master plan for Bart.
-->'''Bob''' Let's see: "Get job as school janitor", "Lure Bart to shed", "Secure same to chair with rope"... Ah, here we are: "Have Bart kill Krusty".
* PoliceAreUseless: Chief Wiggum sees Bart destroying the Krusty statue with Sideshow Bob cheering him on, but doesn't give it a second thought. "It's so great seeing a kid use a wooden bat. These days, it's all aluminum this, and [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush George W.]] that."[[labelnote:Trivia]]This is the first reference to George W. Bush in the show since he was sworn in.[[/labelnote]]
* SelfDeprecation: In response to Krusty going off the air, Marge says, "I think it's a good thing for a show to go off the air before it becomes stale and repetitive." Just then, Smithers runs in yelling that [[spoiler:Maggie]] [[Recap/TheSimpsonsWhoShotMrBurns shot Mr. Burns again]].
* ShoutOut:
** The title is based off ''Literature/TheDayOfTheJackal'', but the bulk of the plot - brainwashing someone into an assassin - is from ''Film/TheManchurianCandidate''.
** The studio executives are based on the T-1000 from ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'', from one hanging off the back of a golf cart to both being made of a silver metal and congealing into one when blown up.
* TheStinger: Krusty saying, "Mukluk."[[note]]From Kent Brockman's interview with Krusty earlier in the episode, when Krusty demonstrates that comedy is words that sound dirty.[[/note]]
* VillainDecay: Bart is not intimidated by Bob, citing his previous victories over him.
-->'''Bob:''' ''(with malice)'' Hello, Bart.\\
'''Bart:''' Oh, it's you, Bob. How you doin'?\\
'''Bob:''' No screams? [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS6E5SideshowBobRoberts Not even an "eep"?]]
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Krusty's reason for why his old episodes being taped over isn't a big loss ("The show didn't really get funny until we fired Sideshow Bob and hired whose-its,") was originally "[[SelfDeprecation Most shows don't really hit their stride till the twelfth season]]."