The Comic Book Guy is forced to take a sabbatical from working at the Android Dungeon after suffering a heart attack during a Creator/TomSavini Q&A session, and reluctantly lets Bart and Milhouse (whom he banned earlier in the episode) run the store.

!! Tropes:
* {{Bowdlerization}}: Ralph's line when he originally walked into the "Adult" section of the comic book store was "She's hungry!", but the censors rejected it and it was replaced with "Everybody's hugging!"
* FreezeFrameBonus: The pictures on the "Banned for Life" wall are of Nelson, Sideshow Bob, and Matt Groening (though some viewers mistook the Groening caricature for George Lucas).
* MayDecemberRomance: Comic Book Guy with Agnes Skinner.
* ShoutOut: Biclops is a nerdy version of Franchise/XMen character Cyclops. A potential customer (Kearney the bully) asks if Biclops has a girlfriend named [[LoisLane Lois Lame]].
* TakeThat: In the original script and closed captioning, Bart orders Milhouse to mark down the ''SouthPark'' merchandise until someone actually buys it (in the actual episode, Bart tells Milhouse to put the Poochie merchandise on clearance and throw in some ''Super Girl'' comics).
** When Bart and Milhouse find The Comic Book Guy's illegal video vault, one of the videos in the collection is "''Godfather III'': The Good Version."
* UngratefulBastard: Comic Book Guy to Bart and Milhouse for saving his life. Though he does cave in and allow them to run the store.