Homer wins a vintage motorcycle at a dance competition at a '50s nostalgia diner and creates a biker gang called the Hell's Satans -- until a real biker gang with the same name crashes at the Simpson house.

!! Tropes:

* ArentYouGoingToRavishMe: Marge asks if the bikers plan to have their way with her once she's kidnapped and is visibly offended when they tell her they aren't attracted to her.
* TheBlank: Early on, the man with no face, only a nose. Somehow this doesn't prevent him from speaking.
* BrickJoke: After Marge is kidnapped, Homer tries to get her location from a biker bar, but gets kicked out three times in a row. At the end of the episode, he stops by that same bar one last time to steal a keg of beer on the way back home.
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: In retaliation for taking his gang name, Meathook forces Homer to eat all of his Hell's Satans merchandise. That includes the gang jackets, hats, frisbees, and some pogs too.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: Homer and Marge's dance to win the vintage motorcycle includes lots of spinning; from Homer and Marge swinging each other around by the leg/hair, or Homer makng his wife ''spin on her hair like a top''.
* ExtremeOmnivore: Homer is forced to eat his Hell's Satans merchandise, which includes caps and frisbees.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: When Homer catches up with the real Hell's Satans, he and Meathook have a duel which evolves into a swordfight... with ''motorcycles''.
* StabTheSalad: When Meathook first faces Homer, he pulls out a switchblade... and a switchfork, forcing him to eat his Hell's Satans merchandise.
* TemptingFate:
** After Homer and Marge win the dance contest, Wolfman Jack says that Greaser's Cafe is never going away. Three days later, the restaurant is out of business. He then remarks that at least he's still got his girlfriend, only to realize she's no longer there.
** After the Hell's Satans leave the Simpsons' house and Bart reads the note they left behind, Homer is happy and relieved they're gone. Then Bart reads the PS that adds that they've taken Marge.