In the second "look-into-the-future" episode, the Simpson family visits an Indian casino after their camping trip to Larval Lake gets canceled due to an insect infestation (that has eaten the comment book and stolen the park ranger's class ring -- followed by the skin, fat, and muscle off his hand), where Bart gets a vision of his future as a [=Devry=] Institute dropout looking to hit the big time as a musician, while Lisa is the first heterosexual female President of the United States, trying to get the country back on track after Donald Trump's disastrous stint as President.
!! Tropes:
* CallBack: Marge's gambling problem from "$pringfield, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling" and Arthur Crandall and his ventriloquist dummy, Gabbo, who once had their own kids' show on "Krusty Gets Kanceled"
* MagicalNativeAmerican: Double-subverted.
* {{Padding}}: Invoked when Bart asks the Indian why a vision from his own life included a B story about Homer and Marge searching for treasure around the White House, the Indian replied, [[LampshadeHanging "I guess the spirits thought the main vision was a little thin."]]
* ProductPlacement: Bart's vision contains adverts. "It was Crazy Talk's idea."
* ShoutOut: When Bart came out of Gabbo's box, Arthur Crandall assumed he wished fot it so much Gabbo ended up becoming [[Literature/{{Pinocchio}} a real boy]].
* WillNotTellALie: When Lisa asked Bart what her future was like, he told her she'd have [[MathematiciansAnswer "some government job"]].