In this year's tales of terror, Homer gets a hair transplant from a dead criminal (Snake Jailbird), Bart and Lisa go on TV (thanks to a radioactive remote control), and The Simpsons are the latest guests on ''The Jerry Springer Show'' after Marge confesses that Maggie was the product of an abduction-cum-one night stand with Kang the alien.

!!This episode contains examples of: ([[YMMV/TheSimpsonsS10E4TreehouseOfHorrorIX YMMV Examples here]])

* AngryFistShake: Snake's hair after being shot several times.
* AnimatedActors: Hinted to be the case with Itchy and Scratchy during "The Terror of Tiny Toon".
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: The three strikes Snake was executed for were: setting fire at an orphanage; blowing up a busful of nuns (which Snake declares was in self-defense); and smoking at a Kwik-E-Mart.
* BigNo: Apu's last words before Snake kills him.
* BondOneLiner: After shooting Snake's hair:
-->'''Wiggum:''' Now that's what I call a bad hair day.\\
''([[EverybodyLaughsEnding Everyone in the room laughs]])''\\
'''Marge:''' May I remind you that two people are dead, and... [[LateToThePunchline Oh, wait, I just got it!]] ''(joins in on the laughter)''
* CaptainObvious:
-->'''Lisa''': Of course, the transplant! Somehow Snake's hair must be controlling--\\
'''Marge''': [[LampshadeHanging Oh, please, Lis, everyone's already figured that out.]]
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: During the "Hell Toupee" segment":
-->'''Apu''' ''(gasps)'': Sir. please do not smoke in here! It's clearly indicated by the sign!
--> ''(camera quickly pans to reveal tiny "No Smoking" sign tucked away in middle of collection of large cigarette ads)''
* ClusterBleepBomb: The unsurprising result of the faimily's appearance on Jerry Springer.
** PrecisionFStrike
-->'''Marge''': I am so ''(bleep)''ing embarressed...
* DarkerAndEdgier: The episode uses a more macabre version of the show's opening sequence. We have Bart writing down the chalkboard punishment in blood, later him botching his jump off Homer's sunroof and snapping his neck. Lisa then follows suit by cycling into Bart's corpse and ricocheting headfirst into the garage wall, as Homer gets run over by Marge as she drives by. The couch gag then sees Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees sitting on the couch, apparently waiting for the family to arrive.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Because ''one'' audience member called out Kang for being a deadbeat father, he kills the entire Jerry Springer audience.
** Snake getting sent to death for smoking in the Kwik-E-mart.
* EyePop: In "The Terror of Tiny Toon" where Bart and Lisa are caught inside ''Itchy & Scratchy'''s show.
* FightingFromTheInside: Homer at the climax of "Hell Toupée":
-->'''Bart:''' You've got to fight the hair, dad.\\
'''Homer:''' But I look so youthful and hunky.\\
'''Snake:''' ''(speaking through Homer)'' The kid's gotta die.\\
'''Homer:''' But I love my son.\\
'''Snake:''' More than a lush head of hair?\\
'''Homer:''' [[SadisticChoice Don't make me choose!]]\\
''(Snake does an EvilLaugh.)''\\
'''Homer:''' [[BigNo NO!]] ''(Proceeds to literally DropTheHammer from his hands and tear Snake's hair off his head.)''
* GoryDiscretionShot: During Apu's murder.
* KillItWithFire: Dr. Hibbert's solution to Maggie growing tentacles.
-->'''Homer:''' Is there anything you can prescribe, doctor?\\
'''Dr. Hibbert:''' Fire! And lots of it!\\
'''Marge:''' That's [[YourAnswerToEverything your cure for everything]]!
* MediumBlending: In "The Terror of Tiny Toon", Bart, Lisa, Itchy and Scratchy fall into the live action "Live With Regis & Kathie Lee" (as it was then titled) show. Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford both appear as themselves.
** It took so long to get the live-action part right, they couldn't broadcast the news from the same studio (''Live'' began as a local morning show on New York's ABC station, and it's been taped there, so they had to share studio space with ''Eyewitness News'', which moved to a street-side studio in 2010).
* NonstandardPrescription: When Maggie starts growing tentacles they take her to see Dr. Hibbert.
-->'''Homer:''' Is there anything you can prescribe, doctor?\\
'''Dr. Hibbert:''' Fire! And lots of it!\\
'''Marge:''' Oh, that's your cure for everything.
* NoodleIncident: One of Snake's previous strikes was setting fire to a bus full of nuns. "That was totally in self-defense."
* OhCrap: Apu hearing Snake's voice from Homer.
-->'''Apu:''' Snake? But you're dead!
-->'''Homer/Snake:''' I know you are, but what am I?
-->(''shoves Apu into the Squishee machine'')
* RogerRabbitEffect: In "The Terror of Tiny Toon", when Bart and Lisa end up in "Live With Regis & Kathie Lee".
* RuleOfThree: Snake was executed because of the three strikes law. Also, as usual, the treehouse of horror had three stories.
* SpeedSex: In "Starship Poopers", after Kang shoots his insemination beam at Marge:
--> '''Kang''': Insemination complete.\\
'''Marge''': Really? That seemed awfully quick.\\
'''Kang''': What are you implying?\\
'''Marge''': Nothing, nothing.
* TheStinger: Regis Philbin exclaiming, "My eyes, my beautiful eyes!" during the Gracie Films card.
* VisualPun: During Snake's execution within the "Hell Toupee" segment".
-->'''Chief Wiggum''': So long, Snake. You'll never harm anyone with your secondhand smoke ever again.
-->''(Throws switch, Snake dies in rather violent fit)''
-->''(Pitch-black smoke billows in droves from Snake's smoldering body, entering lungs of Ed Mc Mahon, the two showgirls, and Cheif Wiggum. causing them to cough violently.)''
* YouBastard: Itchy and Scratchy are distressed by Bart and Lisa amusement at their antics, [[EnemyMine and team up to kill them]].
* YourMom: In "Starship Poopers", Kang delivers one of these to Homer while on ''Series/TheJerrySpringerShow''.
--> '''Kang''': Well ''(bleep)'' you hyperbolic parabaloid ''(bleep)'' yo mama!