Episode - 5F21\\
First Aired - 9/20/1998

Homer becomes an inventor after realizing his life is almost half over and he hasn't done anything that will be considered a legacy.

* BrokenPedestal: When Homer notices that his single ingenious invention was already invented by Edison, he decides to destroy it at the Edison museum and take credit for its invention.
--> '''Bart:''' But I thought you loved Edison.\\
'''Homer:''' Aw, to hell with him.
* BunglingInventor: Homer's first inventions are generally terrible, unless that is anyone out there feels the need for an everything's-OK-alarm, a make-up shotgun, or an armchair toilet.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler:Homer falling over in his chair while the kids were visiting him in his invention workshop.]]
* HomeMadeInventions
* ItsBeenDone: After several disasters, the one invention that works turns out to have been invented by Edison himself but apparently unnoticed, prompting Homer and Bart to travel to Edison's workshop to destroy it. Homer decides not to once he sees [[NotSoDifferent that Edison himself also had a "rivalry"]] similar to his with LeonardoDaVinci. Homer decides to split the difference and take both his and Edison's frustrations out on the Eli Whitney museum.
* LonelyFuneral: Homer imagines himself dying with no accomplishments to his name. The only attendees in his funeral are President Lenny and Oscar winner Barney Gumble, as well as the robot from ''Series/LostInSpace'' and WesternAnimation/HeckleAndJeckle. Homer's corpse gets dumped into his grave by a dump truck, and several dogs start to chew on his exposed feet.
-->'''Homer:''' Marge, no matter what happens in the future, promise me you won't vote for Lenny.\\
'''Marge:''' Okay.
* NoodleIncident: Homer getting kicked out the adults' library and quitting his job.
* PeopleFallOffChairs
* RoyaltiesHeir: One of Homer's inventions (an electric hammer) is making millions. Unfortunately, for his family, the invention was credited to ThomasEdison, the royalties went to his "already wealthy" heirs.
* TimTaylorTechnology: When Homer first showed off his electric hammer, it goes haywire and starts dragging him across the floor. He turns it off and concludes, "Probably needs to be more powerful."