Bart's offensive stand-up act for the International Olympic Committee costs Springfield the Games, and he is forced to work at the Springfield Retirement Home as punishment. Meanwhile, Homer tries to make use of the box of spring mascots he ordered that are now useless.

* EyeScream: Lenny and Moe get a Spring in their eyes and the springs get tangled up.
* GotVolunteered: The punishment Bart and several of his classmates receive for making Springfield losing the chance of hosting the Games.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Principal Skinner punches Homer for being the father of the child who ruined Springfield's chances of hosting the Olympic Games while Skinner bears more blame for being the one who authorized Bart's offensive actions in the first place.
* KarmaHoudini: Skinner doesn't receive any punishment for making Bart insult the Olympic Committee other than [[WhatWereYouThinking Chalmers asking him why he allowed Bart to perform the offensive act]].