During an Easter mass, Reverend Lovejoy finds a chocolate bunny in the collection plate. Since no one in the congregation confesses to doing so (though it's implied that Homer did it), he punishes them with a thorough reading of the entire Bible, prompting four Simpsonized takes on popular Biblical tales: Homer and Marge are Adam and Eve (with Flanders as God and Snake as [what else?] the snake that tempts Eve into partaking of the forbidden fruit), Milhouse as Moses leading Egyptian slave children to the Promised Land, Homer as King Solomon presiding over a dispute about a pie, and Bart as David out to defeat Goliath Nelson.
!!Tropes featured:
* BaitAndSwitch: In Homer's DreamSequence as King Solomon, he splits the pie into two... then orders Lenny and Carl to be killed, before eating the pie.
* TheBible: Main inspiration, though most of the stories are taken from the Old Testament.
* BringMyBrownPants:
-->'''Marge''': It's the Apocalypse! Bart, are you wearing clean underwear?
-->'''Bart''': Not anymore.
* CallBack: Homer lamenting not using his pizza coupons may be a reference to the pizza coupons he got on "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday".
** The pig in Eden is similar to the pig from Homer's dream in "King-Size Homer" who encouraged him to gain 61 pounds to become obese and acquire disability.
* CaughtUpInTheRapture: How the episode ends.
* DoubleStandard:
** God throws Eve (Marge) out of Paradise for biting in the apple, even though Adam (Homer) bit the apple first. Justified because God didn't see Adam doing it.
** Several Simpsons contributors who were very religious weren't offended by the episode, though only because it mostly poked fun at the Old Testament and not the New Testament.
* DreamSequence: All stories are dream sequences. The final part, where the Apocalypse breaks out, might be one too.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Lisa tells Moses (Milhouse) that the Jews will wander in the desert for 40 years. Milhouse then asks: "But after that everything will turn out well for the Jews, right?"
* HurricaneOfPuns: Bart's confrontation with Nelson!Goliath.
-->'''Nelson!Goliath:''' Whaddaya know? A king fit for a meal!
-->'''Bart:''' Hope I don't give you...heartburn!
* HypocriticalHumor: Despite Homer having bit in the apple first, God only gets mad when Marge does the same and only throws her out of Paradise as a result.
* JudgmentOfSolomon: As mentioned above, Homer/King Solomon mediates a dispute between Carl and Lenny over a pie.
-->'''Homer''': Both men shall receive...death. I'll eat the pie.
* OhCrap: Moses and Egyptian Lisa when they see they put a trap in their prison in motion.
* OpeningShoutOut: When Moses calls all of the slaves for their journey to freedom, a scene is shown staged exactly like the Chalkboard Gag scene in the opening, with Bart writing "I will not deface" in hieroglyphs, then running off when he hears Moses's horn.
* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: Milhouse says these exact words when the Pharaoh confronts him and the slaves at the Red Sea.
** Santa's Little Helper also does this after seeing Goliath.
-->'''SLH!Davey''': [[OhCrap See ya later, Davey.]]
* SexySecretary: Krabappelpatra is Pharaoh's (Skinner) secretary, sculpting "bird, bird, bird, pyramid, bird" on stone table. She sits in a very sexy pose and has Egyptian eye lines.
* ShoutOut:
** Bart (as King David) is addressed by Santa's Little Helper with the words: "I don't know, Daaaaavey." This is a reference to WesternAnimation/DaveyAndGoliath.
** When Bart is arrested by Chief Wiggum, he says: "Where's your Messiah now?". This is a reference to Film/TheTenCommandments where actor Edward G. Robinson (on whom Wiggum's voice is based) is [[BeamMeUpScotty popularly believed]] to say the same to Moses (he doesn't).
** When Nelson arises from the rubble of his castle, he strikes the same pose as Chernobog from Disney/{{Fantasia}}, while a snippet from "Night On Bald Mountain" is heard.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: A ThreeShorts Easter episode featuring Biblical story parodies and featuring a non-canon ending (the Simpsons going to Hell while the Flanderses ascend into Heaven. Though Lisa had a chance to go to Heaven, only [[{{Jerkass}} for Homer to pull her down]]).
* TakeThat: After Homer and Marge are thrown out of paradise, Homer remarks that they will be let back in pretty soon, after all: "God can't stay mad forever, right?"
* TalkingAnimal: The pig and the snake in the Garden of Eden. Also, Santa's Little Helper and one of the sheep in the King David segment.
* TemptingFate: When Moses dumps frogs on the Pharaoh:
-->'''Moses:''' Well, we spent all of our money, but it was WorthIt. Now he's ''gotta'' let us go!\\
''(cut to the Pharaoh dining on the frogs)''\\
'''Pharaoh''': Mmm, these are the juiciest frogs I've ever eaten. Ra has rewarded my cruelty to the slaves.
* TrainingMontage: King David (Bart) trains for a fight, action-hero style. He is helped by Ralph's sheep after he was defeated by Goliath II.
* UnexplainedRecovery: Ralph's death was offscreen, but his marked grave spelled it out. He later showed up and was okay.